Support & Resources

Tools for Recovery

Distraction & Alternative Coping Strategies – Originally intended for those battling urges to self-injure, these suggestions may be helpful to those with very physical urges or those who tend to act out in an effort to manage feelings of anger or similar upsetting emotions.

Relapse Prevention Strategies – A guide to help you create a personalized plan to manage your behaviors and urges; especially helpful in early recovery.

Behavior Chain Analysis – Worksheet and instructions to guide you through the functional analysis of a problematic behavior (i.e. your slip/acting out) to determine why it happened, what purpose it served, and what steps might prevent the behavior from happening again – This is a common tool used by behavioral psychologists.

Slip Investigation – An exercise based on AA’s “Big Book,” this article helps you investigate why your slip occurred so that you can prevent it from happening again

Helpful Sites and Articles

NoFap – A “community-based porn recovery website” for those who suffer from porn addiction and related compulsive sexual behaviors. A noteworthy alternative to 12-step programs, but the site and most of the users prefer not to think of addiction to porn and masturbation as sex addiction. Many of their tools and resources are useful from the “take what you can get and leave the rest” standpoint.

The Difference Between a Slip and a Relapse – Good information about slips and how to prevent them from becoming relapses

Tools of Recovery from – “Best Advice: A compendium of advice for overcoming sexual dependency… as related by the addicts themselves.”

100 Reasons to Recover – Submissions from around the world to inspire you to stay committed to your goal. It IS possible!

Recovery Skills – Tools of recovery from addiction (applicable to sex and love addiction, too); reliable information for individuals, families and health professionals